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*** Official Falcons Vs Saints In-Game Thread ***


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Just now, isproab said:

Hope everyone here realizes this game is over. Got beat by a WR playing QB today. 

OC has to go, season can't be over quick enough. 

He's actually a QB. He's throwing quick passes to Thomas. They are running the ball well. Their D has been pretty dominant. This is not just Hill.

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1 minute ago, FalconMama said:

So many people criticized Payton for starting Hill over Jameis. Looks like it was the right call.  Embarrassing the Falcons is a badge of honor for Payton and the Saints. 

It should be critiziced.  We are just that bad tho.  An average nfl team would be beating the breaks off this team today.

This is an absolute failure on all levels.  

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That was a hold.  There are many areas the Saints have beat this team today but the refs have not called a fair game.  These refs call the pety stuff on the Falcons but a blatant hold they let go.  A blatant PI they let go.  It has to be so evident that they call it on the Saints.  

DK and these refs can stay in New Orleans and rot.    

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