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*** Official Falcons Vs Saints In-Game Thread ***


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2 minutes ago, Snafu said:

A lot of the damage Matt is taking today is self-inflicted. 


Gotta get rid of that ball man.

Its the difference in the game. Taysom Hill, a gadget quarterback is getting the ball out and making plays, while Mr. Statute is holding the ball and looking for places to take a nap in the pocket...

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So much for wanting a good old-fashioned game right ,lol .. but look guys we can't get mad... The saints are just a different dog...... We're just what we are.   Our star players are doing nothing. Their head coach is one of the top five in the league. They are a team trying to make it to a super bowl. We're just a team getting paychecks... They're better than every position . It is what it is.. we got to blow this thing up... We got to start over from scratch.. 

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1 minute ago, fuego said:

Oh lord. Ryan trips over a guy. This is an embarrassing debacle. We should be humiliated beyond belief. I'm sure Blank is. 

Where could he have thrown the ball?

the announcer is even pointing out that there’s nowhere to throw the ball.

now if he throws an int you’ll be on his head

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