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*** Official Falcons Vs Saints In-Game Thread ***


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1 minute ago, Sir Joe™ said:

Sean Payton wearing his mask without covering his nose is like wearing trousers with your wang hanging out your zipper... defeats the purpose

I think he's already been fined already this year by the NFL for not wearing it properly I bet he'll get another one

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7 minutes ago, athell said:

I watched.  Several times.  Debo was behind him.  So you think a wr who weighs 40 lbs less can pull a man 15 yards downfield?  Lol.

Stop blaming the refs.  That's some Saints type stuff.  Debo misplayed that badly.

Its called momentum, take a basic physics class. Same reason guys can "throw" a 300 pound man through the air. There's a clear pull on the jersey, it literally separates from the body as he goes by. Was poorly played but that didn't help.

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