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Falcons call up Benkert as 3rd QB ---

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12 minutes ago, papachaz said:

they're gonna mess with sean's mind and start him tomorrow



Yea, that would mess with his mind, alright!  Who knows, maybe we're afraid the Taints are gonna try to take Ryan out to level the playing field, since Breesus isn't going to be in there, and we might need a back-up for our back-up.  😛

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14 minutes ago, dapanch420 said:

benkert is gonna shock alot of people on this board, been studying this guy for 3 years hes got all the tools to be a good one.

Then hes going to shock you with how little you'll hear his name called. The clipboard holder must have gotten a paper cut. 

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3 hours ago, Knight of God said:


Only time I’ve seen him was very briefly once or twice during preseason. I haven’t really seen enough to form an opinion. Curious, what have you seen specifically that makes you think he sucks?  I respect your opinion. If you’ve seen something that I haven’t I would like to know what it is

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