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New Orleans 1st round draft trade blunders

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3 hours ago, Osiruz said:

Lol 🙄, featherspoon has 2 career int, like 8 sacks in 8 years, and 25 tfl. He ended his career as a journeyman and played in 16 games only once, and at his absolute pinnacle best he was whiffing on tackles. That’s production you expect for a 7th rounder or a UDFA. 


LOL....are you on a long weekend drinking binge bro?

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37 minutes ago, Osiruz said:

So you are saying those are a first round pick numbers? 🙄

No. We all know injuries derailed his promising career. But they aren’t near as bland as you are making them out (7th round/UDFA) to be. He was a critical component in those good 2011-12 falcon defenses.

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15 hours ago, Summerhill said:

Obviously every team misses and as I said the Saints are overall doing an excellent job. I'm mostly pointing out how the Saints misses have been compound misses that involve 2-3 picks and not just one. They do so well with their other picks that staying put and using all their picks would have been smarter. 

Davenport while he may end up being a bust has shown glimpses. He's kind of at that Takk stage. Promising first 2 years but injuries have begun to take a toll. If he can stay healthy I still think he can be a 10+ sack guy. I liked him going into that draft. Only time will tell.

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