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Your new 2021 Falcons head coach, MICHAEL VICK!!!!

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It may be a little outside the box, but Michael Vick would be the second best possible candidate for your Atlanta Falcons head coaching position.  What if we've just been trying to get to where we've always been?  Michael Vick created the modern Falcons and its time for him to create the new modern Falcons again.  Michael knows football.  He is respected by all players.  He is the reason the dreaded Falcon filter was installed and in a poetic twist Vick can now pass through the filter to complete the greatest comeback story of all time.  

With Vick back as head coach, we can finally kick Matt Ryan to the curb.  We can spend all that extra cap space on some vicious dogs for both sides of the trenches!  And we can bring in Jameis Winston to double up on the redemption.

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