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Steve Bartkowski shown on NFL on Fox pregame show opening clip

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Just now, RING OF HONOR said:

What's up Tim....how's everything in the sunshine state...hope everything is well 

Hi again, ROH. I am doing better than I deserve, brother. 

My MLB, NFL and my two CFB teams; UGA and UNC disappoint, but it so nice to have baseball and football  during these dark times.

I hope you are well and remain so for a future playoff run for the Birds and the Braves. Take care of your valuable family, my friend.


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Steve Bartkowski put up big numbers back when the NFL was the real NFL.  The rules weren't slanted to the offense like they are now AND it was still a running league.  Heck, even the wide receivers got down in a three point stance like the running backs because it was a running league.  Back then, a 3,000 yard passing season is equivalent to today's 5,000 season.  With the tools Bartkowski had, thats what he would be doing in today's league.

What is the proper stance for a wide receiver? | Smart Football


paul warfield miami dolphins | wide receiver paul warfield of the miami dolphins in a three point ...

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