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Can I interest you in an Urban Meyer?

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Great college but nothing he has done shows that he would be a good NFL coach. The only coach from the college ranks that would interest me is Lincoln Riley or Nick Saban. I know Saban failed before but you cannot win in the NFL without a QB.

NFL is a different beast where the talent gap is small. A lot of these successful college coaches are used to out-talenting the rest of the competition.

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I personally don't think any college coach who has been in college football a really long time with great success will be good in the NFL.  In college, if you coach a big time program, you have a much easier time getting the best talent into a scheme.  In the NFL, you have to find and build that talent.  There are so many more variables to manage and the difference in talent is less between teams.  I am not advocating for any of the usual NFL deadbeats who come up every year but the coach of the 2021 Falcons needs to be a guy with a plan, a players coach, a vision and most importantly a body of work that either excites me or I'd just assume keep Rah and Brick around if they can show me something.  Koetter can kick rocks even if we are statistically good.

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