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Trask is really good. Go Falcons!

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I wouldn't mind spending a 2nd or 3rd round pick on Trask as a possible Ryan replacement in 3 years.   Trask's playing style is similar to Ryan's so it wouldn't require a big change to the offense.

In 3 years Ryan can be traded or waived, or we possibly trade Trask, a la Jimmy Garoppolo, if we decide to keep Ryan.


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1 hour ago, Jerz #GurleySZN said:

He’s being heavily scouted by the niners. 


I could see him making a surprising surge up the boards on draft day, ala Daniel Jones. He has the tools to make a team fall in love. I am confident he is at least QB3 on some teams boards.

I don't think we will be heavy for a round 1 QB, but if we are we *should* pick in front of SF still. We are only 1 game ahead of them now, but a tough schedule coming up. Hope we are talking more about winning than draft order over the next 8 weeks though!

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