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I hope Michigan runs Harbaugh out of town and right into Atlanta

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20 hours ago, Falcon Freddie said:

I'm hearing the same noises concerning Harbaugh as I heard prior to the hiring of Petrino. Like Petrino, an outer package that attracts some. But soon after his hiring, it became apparent that Petrino was a bad mistake; Harbaugh would be also.

Come on you know this is very stupid and you should be ashamed of this post. 

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He’s basically Michigan’s version of Dan Quinn right now and you want the Falcons to hire him?

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36 minutes ago, harp3327 said:


Harbaugh is no Pete Carroll.

Go win a National Championship. He hasn't shown me anything since he's been at Michigan. He can't even beat Ohio State (4 or 5 tries).



It’s not even beating them, he can’t even be competitive. The losses get worse every season, and it’s been a straight *** whippin  the last few seasons.

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