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Notes 11/12: Can’t Cheat The Grind

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2 minutes ago, PriMeTiiMe said:

He has played more games than most behind him. Thank god for the horrific Carolina Run defense. Without that game in other 8 games he is averaging 18 carries for 57 yards (3.1 YPC)

He is a TD machine and would be better served as a #2 back for goalline situations.

Especially since no one is throwing him the ball. 

No backs have a TD catch this year. That's weird.

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22 minutes ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

I don’t really blame him for that.  When you have a light line designed to block on the move yet run 70% of the time off guard, the RB ypc will look very average

It sounds like he also isn’t doing himself any favors, missing cuts upfield to try and get outside, leaving yards on the field. I’m am sure that’s not all the time, but it has been pointed out in recent film breakdowns. Gurley isn’t playing bad, but he isn’t proving to be a guy the team must re-sign either.

I do think we are really missing an opportunity by not using him in the pass game though...especially since when we bring Hill in to catch a pass he drops it in critical moments.

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Koetter doesn’t know when to attack defenses with the run. His feel for the run game has always been secondary to his passing attack. I’m surprised Gurley is doing just ok with the lack of imagination by Koetter. Hopefully down the stretch the run game will be more than a side note to this offense.

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