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2020 - 2021 Hawks Free Agency News

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1 hour ago, jayu70 said:

Hawks won't have any capspace next offseason even without resigning Collins now.  His caphold for next season is $12 million, which would put us right at the expected salary cap of $112 millon.

What the Hawks do have, are contracts of players on reasonable deals, young players on rookie deals and picks to offer for Giannis.

Giannis will be a free agent. He wants to go to a team to win a chip.   We are over the cap, but barely. A better strategy is doing what the nets did. Package Contracts with a 1st or an asset to clear cap space. Knicks have 71 mil in cap space next year and aren't gonna entice a superstar.  Package either Huerter or our 1st with Capela for a protected 2nd and cash considerations. Then package a future 1st with Gallo to another team. That clears 37.5 Mil( plus huerter's contract if traded). That will give us the room to get Giannis under the cap, then sign Collins over the cap.


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15 minutes ago, MAD597 said:

I think they need to extend Collins long term, not sure why he is always being rumored as trade bait and being let go but he is a core player to the long term success of this team and needs to kept long term.

Two things:

1. Collins saying that he thinks he is worth a max that the Hawks might not be willing to offer have the buzzards circling.  

2. Most people who don't follow the Hawks thinks he's a full time Center. So once we traded for Capela they jumped to the 'Hawks don't want him narrative'...when he's a PF that can play some center.



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