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No one has picked up Takkarbage Msuckley

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32 minutes ago, 1989Fan said:

I agree the pick would have been nice.

What I am getting at is if Takk would be worth a 6th, we will likely sign offsetting free agent(s) that would eliminate the pick and we would get nothing anyways. I am sure the team considered the comp pick before cutting ties, likely feeling we wouldn’t get one or dealing w him wasn’t worth what we would get.

I would hope they would have thought of that, but tbh, it smells of an emotional reaction instead of a business decision so I'm not confident that is what happened.

Either way, he is Cincy's problem know.  Bless.

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3 hours ago, Osiruz said:

Should have kept him for the compensatory pick. I didn't think we'd get much for him this season. Should have deactivated him. Let's hope we get a much better Jr GM than McKay. 

I think the chances are excellent, since it would be nearly impossible to end up with a worse Jr. GM than McKay. 😝

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4 minutes ago, Osiruz said:

Same same, be careful though Duff man is going to call you a worthless fan because he is some sort of authrority on quality fans. 

Cool. He can say that.

I wanted Takk to work out here, but it was so clear he didn't want to be here. Should have traded him to get something if we could have because you can't keep people with poor attitudes on the team. 

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19 hours ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

And some people thought we were gonna get picks for him...lol

Yep, I kept saying that, who would give us picks for an oft-injured underachieving DE that was heading into free agency? That is the extremes on this board, the same people who don't appreciate our future HOF QB. 

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