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Smart Franchise Moves And Why We Don't Often See Them With The Falcons

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1 hour ago, Rampage said:

Is there an ignore list function or something? How do I put that dude on it?

Idk but his posts are getting annoying. If you wanna see a dumb franchise, the Lions, Jets, Jags and Browns are just a few that are more incompetent than us. Could argue the Giants in recent years as well. At least we didn’t trade one of the top WRs in the league for a 2nd rounder either (looking at you Bill O’Brien)

And I mean, the Bengals, Chargers, Cowboys, and Redskins have what, 1 combined conference CG appearance this millennium? 

We aren’t the smartest franchise in the world, but it could be, much, much worse. We have been around average to a little above average over the past 10/15 years if we are being honest 

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