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7 minutes ago, Rampage said:

The kind of players that they passed up at those first round spots, at the same position doesn't impress me. Rather the opposite. It shows a severe lack of talent evaluation. There's a reason Jarrett and Foye went in the late rounds, otherwise 31 other teams would have been falling over themselves to draft them five rounds earlier.

I mean, Do you hear yourself?

Debo is considered a top tier LBer, Neal a top SS if not for the injuries. Grady top tier DT. Terrell looks like the real deal at corner, Foye is at LBer as well.

TD made some mistakes, they all do. But horrible? You lose any and all cred coming in here saying that.

Overall, the problem on D hasn’t been talent. Pretty obvious to us who’ve been paying attention it’s been coaching all along.

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Rich McKay is a moron. Now we get nothing for him. My god. Didn’t like the offers you got so keep him. He ****** and moans and you fine him then cut him? Stick him on IR or leave him inactive every we

I wouldn’t have waived him. I would have place him inactive for every game for the rest of the season. Just an utter failure by the Front Office 

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