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#9 Georgia vs #25 Missouri Thread

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Moving on to the next one, the Dawgs take a plunge to #12 in the rankings and travel to play an unranked Mizzou team coming off a bye week.

This is a dangerous game imo for a Dawgs team reeling from injuries and inconsistent play. Playing for the SEC title again would seem to be out of reach, which has to be a huge disappointment for everyone in and around the UGA program. So this is where we see how much heart this team has. Mizzou is a scrappy team that is going to play hard and they are desperate for something positive to build on after losing to Florida themselves. They've had a week off to get a little more rested and plan for the Dawgs, so we should expect them to come out ready for whatever.

UGA will likely have some noteworthy announcements this week regarding player injuries and availability. We'll have to see how that pans out.

Go Dawgs!

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If we had JT all year Florida doesnt go to Atlanta.

I guess Florida does lose “must win” games after all...

Oh come on, let's see Beck

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It's gonna be hard to get excited for this one, especially if Bennett or Mathis is starting. Even if Florida falters and let's us limp into winning the east (not very likely) we're not beating Bama with either QB we've seen, thus far. Might as well roll out Beck or Daniels and see what they're holding. Daniels is apparently healthy and has a year of starting in a power 5 under his belt and Beck is the most physically talented QB on the roster so I'm assuming we'll see....Bennett and Mathis.

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Ye old nooner game, I have to DVR it and not check my phone, makes for interesting TV with time change in afternoon and get to hang with the family.

On another subject I heard Lecounte was given that motorcycle by his girlfriend, Kirby nor his family had any idea, and it was an unregistered DIRT BIKE. He's in a bit of legal trouble with the un registered part, along with the 76 year old guy in one of the cars having some "medical" problems from the accident after he found out it was Lecounte.

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57 minutes ago, Porter Osborne Jr said:

This game still makes me nervous as a UGA fan.  Hopefully we show up ready to play.Does Bolton have to miss the first half since he was ejected last week?

Mizzou makes me uncomfortable more often than not. Sometimes they play way above their heads. Been very hot and cold this season. Hopefully we are ready to handle our business despite that SEC East door being closed.

Not sure on Bolton

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I think Missouri is a solid team. Their offense is playing pretty well right now so I would imagine they score at least some points. 

Don’t expect Daniels to slow down much though. This could be a trap game, but I don’t expect it. Can’t help but feel like the layoff helped UGA. That offense looks much better now 

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  • Carter changed the title to #9 Georgia vs #25 Missouri Thread

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