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The one thing I’d hope we can agree on at this point

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Is that this team as currently constituted Sb 6-3 and well into playoff contention.  Not sure how we’d fair against better teams and in playoffs but that’s what we are, anemic coaching and lax play aside.   Given this fact, I do not see a major personnel overhaul on offense (maybe continue fortifying OL and stud rb) but I’m sure a new staff will have some major defensive changes in mind e g scheme, line (besides GJ) and secondary.  Point is, we’re suffering a rough season but there is a lot of reason to blv we can be a serious contender next season and beyond with right hires.  Who knows, maybe Raheem gets em in hunt this year but I’m very hopeful for next season now for sure!!

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24 minutes ago, Ovie_Lover said:

How? We have no NT to clog the middle when we are in base and only fowler could probably be a good OLB in 3-4.

I think a space clogging NT is relatively easy to find in the draft or for cheap on the open market.

I think Fowler fits 3-4 OLB better than 4-3 Edge. Sure, we will have to draft another OLB. Just like we will have to try to find an Edge rusher that can get after the QB if we stay in the 4-3. I think the OLB is significantly easier to find.


I see it as:


Cominsky (Maybe even Marlon as he has edge experience), Drafted/FA NT, Grady

Drafted/FA OLB, Foye, Debo, Fowler.

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22 minutes ago, Dr Long Shot said:

We have some big holes, but so does practically any team in the NFL outside of maybe Kansas City and Pitt. We'll see how we fare the rest of the way with our upcoming gauntlet of a schedule

Yeah, agreed.....not gonna be a cakewalk w TB and NO twice plus KC....(gulp)......we could easily be used for physical gratification a cpl more times.....easily!!!! Here’s to hope though😁

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