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The one thing I’d hope we can agree on at this point

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Is that this team as currently constituted Sb 6-3 and well into playoff contention.  Not sure how we’d fair against better teams and in playoffs but that’s what we are, anemic coaching and lax play aside.   Given this fact, I do not see a major personnel overhaul on offense (maybe continue fortifying OL and stud rb) but I’m sure a new staff will have some major defensive changes in mind e g scheme, line (besides GJ) and secondary.  Point is, we’re suffering a rough season but there is a lot of reason to blv we can be a serious contender next season and beyond with right hires.  Who knows, maybe Raheem gets em in hunt this year but I’m very hopeful for next season now for sure!!

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6 minutes ago, atljbo said:

The only thing this shows is that this team has talent for the next HC.


I've been begging this team to use Deion Jones and Foye speed with more blitzing... They are starting to shine in that role

Land some pass rush along the DL and upgrade at FS? Could be a decent defense finally. Can't stand leading the league in points allowed in 2 minutes or in the 4th Q anymore. :(

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