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Super Bowl 33. Were the Broncos really the better team or did the Falcons just lay an egg because of Eugene Robinson distraction?

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8 hours ago, TheFatboi said:

They were def distracted by the Eugene Robinson situation. Players up and not getting rest like they should because of his incarceration. And the fact that players snook out of curfew to be out in the first place. The falcons could beat ANYBODY that year. They beat the beat team in the nfl that year to me in Minnesota. Denver didn’t have an offense like that. We turned the ball over in that SB and dug a deep hole and couldn’t come out of it. 

Denver was a historic team, back to back champs which has only happened a handful of times ever. But yes, Falcons could have hung and made it a game without the Robinson shenanigans. There was an article were Mark Schlereth said that the morning they heard about the incident everyone on the team knew they were going to win the game. Said the entire gameplan became to attack Robinson. So those saying it didn't play a factor are completely wrong, it was a massive factor. Impossible to say for sure how things would have played out without the Robinson thing, but the Falcons were ON FIRE heading into that game and could have beaten anybody. I completely believe that. 

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10 hours ago, UGABOZ said:

that game had nothing to do with eugene

the broncs were better

It most certainly did. Some players and coaches were up all night - no sleep. And it showed. We had a few good chances early in the game and made mistakes (turnovers, missed FG). And that puke was beaten for a long touchdown, he was worthless that game.

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20 hours ago, Hard2BaBirdWachr said:

This...Ray Buchanan said in an interview that what really fueled the Falcons was the disrespect before the NFCCG against The Vikings. Already calling the Vikings NFC champs in the Minnesota papers and Vikings players coming over talking **** during player warm-ups. That drives a team. Just like all the odds were against the Broncos in SB 50. They said the Panthers came to look cute while the Broncos came to win. 

SB 50 was Cam's high water mark. He should have dived on that fumble!


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On 11/9/2020 at 11:32 AM, JDaveG said:

Broncos were clearly better.  That wasn't our year.

1980 and 2016 were our years.  Those years, the worse team lost to our team.

I also think 2017 could have so easily been a SB year if we had an established OC.  If Shanny returned I think we make it through the regular season undefeated or at max 1 loss

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On 11/8/2020 at 9:27 AM, Falcons Fan MVP said:

I've watched super bowl 33 several times and I personally believe the Broncos won the game because of their defense was very good. The Falcons defense played okay overall in my opinion but the Falcons offense turned the ball over 4 times and couldn't score in the red zone.

I think that the Broncos defense was a lot better than the Vikings defense we played in the 1998 NFC championship game and that was the difference. I think the Broncos were just the better team and more experienced team. 

I do think however we would have had a much better chance to win if the game was in a dome setting. Your thoughts?

The Falcons were not even better than the Vikings that year. In the NFCCG the Vikings tried to make magic on a late 2nd quarter possession (got the ball back with 1:12 to go in the half) by throwing on three consecutive downs instead of running the ball and taking a 20-7 lead to halftime (Vikings to receive 2nd half kickoff as well). The Falcons strip-sacked Culpepper on the 3rd down attempt and banged up his throwing arm in the process. Falcons scored on the next play to cut the lead to 20-14 at the half.

The Vikings were the best team in the NFL that season, and it wasn't close imho. That said, the Broncos were clearly the better team in the Superbowl. Robinson's fiasco just steepened the slope in the Falcons uphill battle. 

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