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Matt Ryan Does Not Make Players Better

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Pointless post. Thanks!

Ryan would be awful if he didn't have big names like Powel and Zaccheaus out there. 

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50 minutes ago, RING OF HONOR said:

I think he's saying...how productive Sanu was when he was here....

And how he hasn't done anything since he left....

Which would mean...Ryan actually elevates the play of his receivers 

Yeah, but it's a weak argument, Julio is the one drawing double and triple coverage making it easier for other receivers and Matt Ryan.  Sanu went to the Patriots, with arguably the greatest QB in history and struggled due to the lack of other weapons around him.

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Matt Ryan has made this franchise what it is since he got here in 2008. He carried AB TD MS and DQ. Yes he made players and the franchise better. He could have helped provide even more wins with a defense, pass rush and better OL thanks to TD. The defense has basically sucked since he got here. There’s no excuse for that....I hold AB accountable for not moving in another direction when he fired smitty. TD proved he couldn’t build a defense during the Smitty era. Ditto fast forward to DQ. I rest my case.

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If Matt doesn't have a big, clean pocket and can't step forward as he throws, the lack of pace on the ball can get receivers hit harder and limits YAC. I think his throws to crossing routes tend to be behind the receiver more often, resulting in drops, tips, and interceptions. If Matt had a bit stronger arm and was a bit more mobile he would probably be the greatest QB of all time. As he stands, Matt is still the best we have ever had by a wide margin, but he does have his flaws.

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