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Grady Jarrett vs peers

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2 hours ago, papachaz said:

but wait a minute, soooo many here thought we should let him WALK because he wasn't going to be worth the contract he was going to require


where y'all at now, hmmmm????

I don’t recall those comments or conversations. Who said we should’ve let him walk when he had CLEARLY earned his keep since day one?

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7 hours ago, kiwifalcon said:

97 has been the best player on this defense since he’s been here.

Debo was thought to be Grady always was.

You can build around guys like him.He’s been a Lone Ranger for years.

The crazy thing about Grady is that he continues to improve. Somebody tweeted that the Raiders losing a 6th round pick was no big deal because late round picks seldom pan out. He could not have been more than a casual football fan.

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1 hour ago, New Jersey Falcon said:

I love Grady - a hard working overlooked player finally getting the respect he deserves.  Now with Vic gone I wonder what he truly thinks of Vic being both played at Clemson and drafted by the Falcons.  Like did he know he would flame out like this, was he surprised?  

Grady probably isn't surprised about Vic if he is being 100% honest.  I remember watching some clemson games back then and Vic would get some hype but then disappear in the game.  Guess the only reason why he had such great success is because of Grady to take some heat off him.  


I also get the NFL wanting bigger guys on the line (taller than shorter guys) but **** how can 32 teams continually pass on Grady until the 5th?  I know we get credit for drafting him but **** it shouldn't have ever waited that late for him to go.  Especially when his daddy is an all time great Falcon.  The film matched the pedigree.  

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17 hours ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

Dontari Poe getting double teamed more than AD.  Makes sense...lol

Grady is the undisputed DT2 

I always laugh when Dabo Sweeney told TD that Beasley was solid but Grady could change our franchise if we draft him.  Why did we wait until the 5th

The hole league passed on Jarrett 5/times.

Getting Jarrett in the 5th made the FO look like servants.

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4 hours ago, PriMeTiiMe said:

He might be our best player. Yes, even better than Julio. He is that good.

Those A gap blitzes work so well because we KNOW that 2 lineman will be focused on blocking Grady which leaves the MLB a free run up the middle if timed right.

But but I heard if we get a fat ******* next to Jarrett he’ll take up the double teams 😂  🙄.It’s another simple but effective use of Jarretts strengths and what he can bring to the team that stats don’t cover.

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