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Titans Are Releasing Vic Beasley

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Another case of a former falcon leaving and moving on to become an all pro somewhere else

Dude is an athlete that wants to be a preacher. He is not a football player. He should call it quits and move on to the next phase of his life. His heart has never been in it.

us walking away with that 5th rounder  

Thats a shame the kid isn't that horrible.  He could still be a valuable piece on the right team as a situational pass rusher on 3rd downs.   He's for sure not a every down player but 5 to 10 Sacks a year added to your team is alot better than nothing and probably would be more than any player we got playing this year sack numbers wise.  If we could add him for say 3 mil a year and under i would gladly bring him back in to the team.  The only problem i feel he had was his massive cap hit for what he was giving.  But for a lower cap hit he provided more than enough for cheap depth.

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Just now, FalconFan13 said:

Question could we realistically bring him back for a much smaller cap hit like 3 mil or so at most and still keep that 5th?   Not saying we will just asking for picks and cap reason im intrigued by how that works out. 

yes but nobody is giving Vic more then the Vet min if he signs

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Just now, athell said:


Why not?  Yall are acting like he was complete and utter trash.  The main problem with beasley was the amount he was making on his contract.  Theirs no way someone can sit her and tell me 2 mil is to much to pay for someone who will get you almost a guaranteed 5 to 8 sacks a year.   But yet it's ok to give Fowler 15 mil a year for giving you less than that on avg for his career.   Beasley isn't great we all know that but he is **** sure worth vet min of 2 mil and still providing more sacks than the rest of our team offers on a yearly basis. 

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