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Cocktail Party 2020 - #8 Florida vs #5 Georgia


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1 minute ago, Carter said:

“Why don’t we have any good QBs”

”Why would a good QB even come here”

Pick a struggle lmao

I wish I could just pick one lol. We don’t have a good qb because Kirby starts bums so why would one come here after seeing two nfl talents walk to other teams?

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9 minutes ago, sdogg said:

Horrible coaching and development on full display. Why any offensive player would choose us, is bizarre 




Look. This actually started with Eason. Kirby had Eason thinking he was gonna bring in a coordinator and develop him. Kirby never cared to do that because  Kirby is about running the ball and defense.  When they needed a big time quarterback to make plays, Eason was on the bench. Same thing with Fields. Any five star quarterback that comes to Georgia is a fool...

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4 minutes ago, mike teevee said:

Lawrence was never coming to UGA. 

I mean we can't say that with 100% certainty, especially when there are stories like this out there


How did Clemson edge out UGA? In a nutshell, Clemson recruited Lawrence much harder at an earlier date while Richt’s UGA staff was focused more on other QB targets.

“What is that saying that Mama taught us in the South — ‘If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say it all?’” Sentell said. “But I do think that final year of Mark Richt’s recruiting (at UGA) – and let’s just say the dubious recruiting decisions that were made with the brain trust that was there by picking certain players over guys like Davis Mills (now at Stanford) and Jake Fromm (committed to Alabama before later being flipped to UGA by Smart), and that can include Trevor Lawrence as well. I just don’t think Georgia handled recruiting the quarterback position very well near the tail end of the Mark Richt era


sounds very familiar ...

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13 minutes ago, Red Bandana said:

Why is Brock even committed here? Kirby doesn’t know what a good qb is

If you show him the film of today’s game he would be salivating. Brock can make the passes and hit the open WRs that were there today. We easily could’ve had over 400 yards passing against that defense 

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