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8-8, 9-7, or 10-6 Possible? The Roadmap Ahead

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Well, it seems like the Falcons have their groove back or mojo to an extend. In my book, they actually won 3 games in a row- the Detroit game was a freaky result, and the Falcons were the better team. They played their 2 complete game within 3 weeks timeframe. Against Detroit, the team also played good. We all know this team should have been 5-3 at this moment. 

So, What is next? The game against the Broncos will be key to close on a strong note heading towards the Bye week and then, the stretch of 7 games. We will be expected to beat the Broncos and heading to a 3-6 record. The schedule is actually very friendly for the next few weeks. This mini-Bye and then a full-Bye will help the Falcons to get ready for the final 7 games. This will also give the coaches more days to prepare and allowing some of the injured players to be ready. If Takk stays, then he should be ready for the Saints game. He will help the defense from the edges or edge rushes.  Our defense has only allowed 22 pts or so the last 4 games. This is a good trend and it should become the norm going forward.

The Saints are very beatable and the Falcons beat them last year after their bye week on the road. I expect the Falcons to be ready after the bye week and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them upsetting the Saints at their place. The Saints could very well lose to The Bears, the Bucs, and the Niners  in the next 3 weeks. This means they could be 5-5 when they meet the Falcons. By beating them, we will go to 4-6, and the Saints 5-6. We will be only 1 game behind. I like our offense over their offense. Drew is going to see a lot of blitz from our linebackers, CB, and safety position. We have played well against Rushing offense. 

After the Saints game, we play the Raiders. This should be a high scoring game. As long as the Falcons play decent defense, we will be favored to beat them.  It will not be an easy game, but The Falcons will be playing much better as we move forward. We beat them, and we will be 5-6.

The next game against the Saints will be the key game telling us if the Falcons can make it to the playoffs. We beat them again at home, and we go 6-6. This game will be much tougher- both teams will be desperate. If we win this game, then I’m pretty sure the Falcons will have a good shot of getting the #7 spot for the playoffs. 

If we go 6-6 at that point, then I see the Falcons beating the LA Chargers. This will move us to 7-6 record. 

The next 3 games are going to be difficult. The good thing is we play the Bucs at home first, before we go on the road for the final 2 games. If we beat them, then we are in a very position.

At Kansas, depends on their record. If they have wrapped up their division and the Conference, then they maybe we have a shot as they may rest some players. I doubt it because Pittsburgh and Baltimore are good teams, and the Chiefs have to keep wining to have a shot at winning the conference. This is definitely a loss- it will be cold and tough. 

At Bucs, this may depend on whether the Bucs have already wrapped up the NFC South, and whether they have already clinched #2 or #1 in the conference. The Falcons will have a good shot of winning this game depending on those scenarios. If  not, I give the edge to the Bucs. 

So, based on those scenarios, we may lose the final 2 games, or split those games. If we go 8-8, then it may tough to get into the playoffs. The NFC West is the problem and all 4 teams might end up with a winning record. 9-7 will be a good record and this should give us a good shot at #7. 10-6 will be gravy because that means we have a good shot of winning NFC South. 

Once again, this is just a roadmap. We have to play consistent and cut stupid mistakes. The defense needs to only allow 20 points or so, and stop giving up big plays. On the offense, I’m not that worried as long as we have Julio in every game. He gives Matt the edge on the defenses. This roadmap starts with the next 2 games- the Broncos and the Saints. We win those 2 games, and now you are set for a run towards the playoffs. 






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I don't think we're making the playoffs. We're gonna have the 14th pick in the draft when it's over 😐

7-9 here we come baby! 

The Falcons are streaky and this is a weird season anyways. They have a shot at wildcard if they play well. This team has the talent to beat any team. The defense will be the key. If the defense becomes a top 10 defense going forward, then all bets are off- I would put the Falcons as one of the best team in NFC. 

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5 hours ago, octoslash said:

I'm not seeing it.  They beat the Vikings who not only stink, but they gave up on the season before we even got to town.  Then they beat the Panthers who are in full throttle reverse gear.  

They'll beat Denver but beyond that there might be two other wins.   


I also think this is best case scenario. With all the other horrible records out there, we could be picking in the late teens with 5 wins.

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5 minutes ago, Slumerican said:

OP is biggest troll ever.. Anyone suggesting this Falcons team will make the playoffs is just straight up trolling hard.. We're practically the worst team in the league.. We have no head coach or GM.. And he suggested we make the playoffs.. Get outta here

There's lots of teams worse than the Falcons. Jets, Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Washington, Vikings, Jaguars, Texans, Broncos, Chargers, Bengals are all worse than the Falcons.

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21 hours ago, Francis York Morgan said:

Should be, shmould be. This team is 2-6 with the hardest schedule in the league remaining. Even if they play well, they're probably going 5-11 or 6-10.

I really dont understand this delusional thread , like you said we're 2-6 . I can see us going like you said 5-11 , i understand being optimistic but this team defensively is just not good amd their not the 1980 chargers scoring 50 a game 

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23 hours ago, Francis York Morgan said:

Should be, shmould be. This team is 2-6 with the hardest schedule in the league remaining. Even if they play well, they're probably going 5-11 or 6-10.

Agreed. I see AT MOST 4 wins ahead. A split with both Tampa and NO, the Chargers and the Broncos. None of those are guarantees or even easy wins. Losing out is just as likely. My gut says 3-13. 

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Revisiting this post, I really see the Falcons in a very good position beating the Saints next week. The 9ers didn’t had their full squad, otherwise they would have beaten the Saints by a wide margin. 

Drew could have a bruised rips or he could be even more serious. The Saints lost some players today which could be a plus for the Falcons who will be well rested and well prepared. The Falcons have the linebackers and a strong safety that could come after the QB. Matt Ryan should have Calvin back and they have more weapons on the offense. The Falcons are top 10 in Rush defense. The Falcons are 6-2 on the road since last year’s 2nd half. The Falcons are 2-2 this year on the road, and they should have beaten Dallas on the road. 

Matty Ice could have a field day- he is playing fantastic. Atlanta receivers could cause some major damage on the Saints. The OL has played well and as long as they give Matty the time, he will break down the Saints defense. We may see a major upset next week.



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