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Should the Falcons trade back in the 2021 draft to get extra picks?

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43 minutes ago, Sidecar Falcon said:

Bienemy, maybe. In the short term. Alex Smith was a mobile QB. Ryan isn’t so much. So it may be a wash. The influence of a physical specimen like Mahomes may want him to seek out someone like that. 

Arthur Smith, no. I can see him giving Ryan a true workhorse RB but that system relies heavily on the mobility of the QB position.

Mike McDaniel, not enough info. As a Shanahan disciple he could make it work based on his coaching tree. However he’s never worked an OC job before. So there’s no record of anything he would do schematically. 

Joe Brady, yes I can see that working. He worked wonders with Burrow, who is more mobile than Ryan but it’s mainly his pocket presence that sticks out to me.

Josh McDaniels is a huge question mark because of this season, doesn’t show adaptability. This year shows some glaring weaknesses with him. Buyer beware.

Greg Roman, no. All his successes have come from mobile QBs. Jackson and Kapernick both had some wheels on them. 

Good analysis. The up and coming OC who probably has the most in common with Ryan is IMO Colts Nick Sirianni. 

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I'm generally in favor of trading down but I think there are a few reasons to stay put. Micah Parsons is thought to be of the Luke Kuechly/Patrick Willis mold.  There is a QB of the futur

Trading back is always a wise move unless you're the browns.

Yes, it's not time draft a new QB, Ryan is leading the league in passing yards.  We should trade down and re build our defense. Right now if we had even an AVERAGE defense we would be a SB c

7 hours ago, PriMeTiiMe said:

They also traded down with Khalil Mack right in their laps. Bills moved up for Sammy Watkins, Raiders took Mack the next pick. We took Jake Matthews the pick after that.

Browns ended up with Justin Gilbert who was a massive bust.

The question, though, is was Gilbert a bust because of Gilbert or was Gilbert a bust because of the Browns?

I'd always be interested in picking up Browns or Jets busts to see if those talented guys would succeed in a different franchise.

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18 hours ago, Sidecar Falcon said:

I’m hoping for Lawrence or Lance. Not a fan of Fields. It all starts at the WB position. We aren’t going to be competitive right away. It’s going to take about 3 years for that to happen, especially with our cap situation. Ryan is regressing, I think he has two years left. Julio will be here until his contract is up. Hopefully he’ll sign a friendly deal so we can keep him. If not, then it’s just business. Draft Ryan’s successor and let him learn for a season or two, then let him loose. 

Regressing but leading the NFL in pass yards.  Ok...

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    It's all according to who is on the board , and what kind of deal can we get to trade up if there is a player worth the trade up. So many things that we don't know until the draft takes place.  

   So , it's all according to who is there ? And can we get a trade up at a reasonable cost ?  It has to be a wait and see how it goes down to know what would be best.  If we do trade up for a certain player,, WE usually trade down in a lower round to pick up the pick or picks that we lost by trading up..  I like this way.. Because it's those Special players in the top of the draft that are players than can give this team a true play maker. SEE Julio Jones...  I never wanted a player more than I did JJ. And when we got him.. I bounced off the walls for the rest of that draft..  Those special type players are those players that helps put a team on another level ,, a step higher ,, if you will. 



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