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*** Official Panthers Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***

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Finally. Neal blasting the bad guy

Lol it hit him in the hands. If Julio puts hands to ball instead of breadbasket granny catching?!

Oh Matt

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26 minutes ago, fuego said:

Our electricity went out several hours this morning due to that storm here in Atlanta. Now I’m sitting here watching the NFL network and the power just went out again. So I don’t have Wi-Fi or my TV. Any way to watch this game on my phone for a while if the electricity stays off?

I was able to login to DIRECTV on the NFL network. Problem solved.

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7 minutes ago, VTCrunkler said:

Ive heard target. So basically the dedicated halloweeen stores, right?  I’m looking for strobe lights. U?  And fog machines. 🌫 

Yeah...I don't want to be out more than I have to.

I am looking for a smoke machine as well and some animatronic stuff.


The inlaws gave us some halloween stuff which is nice but not really what I want.

I always tell Katy that our house will eventually "THAT house" on the street.

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