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Are you concerned about losing Alex Mack next year?

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5 hours ago, Osiruz said:

Kazee is somewhat old but he is terrible and ineffective, and Neal is injury prone and has gone downhill. We already have Neal's replacement in Hawkins, and Kazee can be replaced by a parking cone. 

IDT we move on from K Neal right yet. He’s starting to play lights out again. Let’s give him til the end of the season. 

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1 hour ago, Atl Falcon said:

IDT we move on from K Neal right yet. He’s starting to play lights out again. Let’s give him til the end of the season. 

I'm sure the whole team is on watch ,, By the owner , And he is on the war path.. I just so hope we end up with the right HC,, no matter who it is. Everybody is on a short leash.  We must get the right HC to ever get to where we all want to be.  And We've got to have the right person picking the best players from the Draft and FAcy.  If not,, then there will be no change ... But here's hoping AB goes ahead and finishes the Job Dude bro .     :mmmhmm:


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Mack is just one indicator of a problem we have -- our roster is declining. Everyone else's roster declines too. The teams who stay on top are great at bringing in new talent -- not just a nice new piece here and there, but a steady stream of new competitors. That's something we've never been incredible at.

Shanny, if you recall, did some crazy stuff to get Mack here. He started by releasing our starting center at the end of preseason (Hawley). He realized that having a "sort of ok" center was going to prevent the org from doing whatever it would take to get a great center. So he choose to release the "sort of ok" center and create a liability. And eventually that led to getting Mack.

So, we need someone in charge who

  • knows which spots need great players, and which can make do with less
  • knows how to spot talent accurately
  • has the power, and the courage, to do absolutely whatever it takes to get those great players in the key slots

So yes, I'm concerned about Mack, but I'm more concerned because we don't have that coach and GM, and because even when we hire them, we won't empower them to be that bold.

No committee of Blank, McKay, TD, Pioli and DQ would've approved dropping our starting center like that. Luckily back then, DQ had enough power, and Shanny had enough ballz, to do it. But those days are gone and now I'm afraid we're "football by committee."



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