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Do you think the Falcons should try to resign Todd Gurley next year or just draft a running back?

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4 minutes ago, jlrfalcon said:

UGA guy but I also realize the financial side.

Gurley is producing well this year but not top tier every week like 3 or so years ago.  However, I do not see that Hill as a long-term option, and Ito is not a big enough back to carry this team.  As for Ollison, he seems like an offensive version of Senat who never plays.

I wish we would have spent a draft pick on Swift this year to develop behind Gurley (and don't tell me our 2nd-round pick Davidson has been worthwhile yet).  The Lions are slowly fading in Swift to completely take over their running game in the future with 2 veterans slowly getting fewer carries.

As for next year, we would have to draft a RB high and/or sign a veteran from elsewhere to match Gurley if we do not keep him.  Ideally, he might take a decrease in pay to stay here, but I would not be surprised to see some team way overpay him elsewhere.  Maybe Gurley is thinking retirement and might accept a cheap mentor role next year with fewer carries and a young guy (who?) behind him.


Gurley is barely a starting RB at this point in his career, he is a part time RB at best.  We need to retool. 

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Draft. Gurley has been a solid stop gap but you can get equal production and save much needed cap space by using a mid round draft pick. 

Najee Harris

If we can sign him on cheap 1-2 year deal I would and also draft a RB. Gurley is the best redzone rb we've had (unless you don't want a TD) since Turner. 

10 hours ago, Jerz #GurleySZN said:

Theres no point in trying to sign anybody. Next season is a mega dud

Not true at all. The pieces on offense alone can get the ship turned around quickly. With competent coaching the Falcons would be a 4 win team right now.

The coaching hire will be just as important as roster decisions.

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All depends on his salary demands... if he can be had on a similar contract, I say keep him and draft a back. 

Weve seen that we don’t have much in Brian Hill or Ito and Ollison is rarely on the game day roster. That RB group could stand a rebuild and Gurley would be a very good mentor to any new backs we get. 

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I have nothing against Gurley but if you're re-tooling a roster everyone knows RB is a position you can often find value with mid rounders and undrafted free agents, so if you're spending decent money on a vet with no upside like Gurley, you're depriving yourself the chance to find the next nobody who can play. 

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