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Do you think the Falcons should try to resign Todd Gurley next year or just draft a running back?

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Draft. Gurley has been a solid stop gap but you can get equal production and save much needed cap space by using a mid round draft pick. 

Najee Harris

If we can sign him on cheap 1-2 year deal I would and also draft a RB. Gurley is the best redzone rb we've had (unless you don't want a TD) since Turner. 

I definitely think we need the position on deck. Not calling it our first priority but should be drafting a RB about every 2-3 years anyway if we plan on a run game. Injuries and short career position, yes, should always be in rotation. Gurley isn’t done but there’s a lot of snaps left this year.  Should be deeper. 

Not saying to let him go either. Short life. Make that call game 16?

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Draft!  With our salary cap issues we have to get rid of the high priced contracts that we can.  Like it or not we need to rebuild in my opinion.  Not sure how feesible it is to get rid of Ryan's and Jones contracts but it we have to take it on the chin for year, then that's what we have to do.  Unfortunately we wasted the primes of both of those greats and it's time to move on (for their sakes too!  They deserve a shot at a title).  Take it on the chin for a year with the cap (no different that the past two years in wins and losses), hopefully find our QB of the future in the draft.  How can we honestly say any of our high priced veterans are safe?

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