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Prayers to Lindstrom and his mother.   It was hard to watch my mother battle cancer.

4 hours ago, LightningDawg58 said:

Sounds to me like he is being critical of the blocking/execution of the plays, while praising the intention of the playcaller.

Good job sticking with the run, even when it was tough, we just need to get more out of it. Makes sense to me

That’s funny me.   But this OL is athletic and designed to operate in space and on the move.  We run much better outside the tackles yet 70% of our attempts are off guard

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2 minutes ago, Romfal said:

its reassuring that if we didn't draft Takk and this guy fell to us instead we would have drafted another bum...heavens forbid we ever looked at Tj Watt...

You and me both....  like who couldn't see that TJ Watt was a perfect fit for the "hybrid 4-3 DE/LB" Quinn supposedly wanted??  Oh...  and yeah, he actually plays football with constant effort.

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8 hours ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

Perhaps he doesn’t know it’s allowed...lol

Youll notice the Bucs are 2nd worst.  Must have something to  do with AC/4 Vert system.  I hate the system in the modern NFL.  It’s why the Bucs will falter in the playoffs despite overwhelming talent

Why motion at the snap if you don’t run outside zone and don’t care about horizontally stretching or stressing the defense?:ninja:



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