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1 hour ago, ki46dinah said:

All I know is I like him; smart, athletic, has a real nose for the ball. Needed more seasoning coming out of a weaker football division in college.

Would have needed the same coming from any conference, some guys show up day one ready and others don't. Even if you play for Clemson or Bama, 97% or more of the guys on the other side of the ball will never sniff the professional field. Watch a major college game in person on Saturday then watch a pro game live on Sunday. I did that in '90 when GT was tied for the National Championship. Even a sucky Falcons team looked like warp speed compared to the college game.  They are not the same sport. 

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13 hours ago, Lornoth said:

We'd actually have a good 3-set of LB'ers if we didn't let Campbell walk. 

Foye's been one of the very few bright spots on defense this year. We could have a very good LB'er duo for a while if Debo gets back to form. 

Man are we a feeder club to Arizona Cardinals or what ?

Abraham, Peters, Spoon, Alford and now Campbell :D

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TD deserves criticism, but I believe he put together a pretty good group of young LB's.  I think Walker, Jones and Foye will develop into one of the best LB units in the league.  They all have speed and all three are smart.  It won't be long before we have three savvy barracudas out there making aggressive plays.  

Now, can we find a two FS's?  I believe the NFL of today demands two FS's, instead of a "thumper" paired with a "roamer".  

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