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This is Matt Ryan’s fault right?


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Just now, Sun Tzu 7 said:


The teams situational football awareness is horrible.

I swear they need to start playing madden competitively... I can’t tell you how many games I would not score and be fine with letting the clock bleed and kicking a FG...


Back in my younger Madden-playing days I did that sequence dozens of times.  Our entire organization is a bunch of dolts

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4 minutes ago, ROMERO said:

Hes part of it due to him fumbling but will I put full blame on him? No because Im not an ignorant fan

Even that fumble goes back to awful coaching though. The play before that was 2nd and long. Running up the middle has done absolutely nothing all game, yet we did it again. 

If DK decides to not waste a down that fumble never happens.

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It’s kinda like one of those toxic relationships; there are good things that you enjoy, but then there are those nagging things that make you want to be done with it. But you hang in there, because it’s what you have, and you’re not sure you can do better....

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