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*** Official Lions Vs Falcons In Game Thread ***

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2 minutes ago, SavedByGrace1221 said:

To all you fans who thought Raheem Morris was going to get us to the playoffs.  and that our defense was going to get turned around.  Welcome to reality

Um. . . I think the defense did fine. It's this anemic, stifling offense.  Plus some coaching and ref gaffes. I'm not upset at the loss at all. . . . learning experience. 

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1 minute ago, WhiskeyBruh said:

Cant win football games without a defense. Its not on Gurley. He should be allowed to score without having to worry if his defense can hold up.

It wasn't on the defense either. They played well. The refs could wouldn't have reviewed that catch if it didn't benefit Detroit. Then when Stafford spiked the ball, only 1 second came off of the clock. I've seen many game where 2 seconds would come off on a spike. It is what it is. The only time they were efficient was when the refs helped them. 

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