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Worst Falcon Ever

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33 minutes ago, Rings said:

That’s fair, maybe most dissapointing would be more appropriate, even if at no fault of his own.  I feel a lot of these players on this list were derailed by injuries.  His was just amplified because they traded up for him and was supposed to be the guy the protected the franchise QB for most his career and other than one season it never took shape.  I agree JA98 is up there, Peria Jerry may be up there as well.

Peria i would have as disappointing as well like Sam because both got taken by injuries.  JA98 gets the full blast because he was 100% healthy and still just flat out sucked.  I atleast give others some leeway on injury problems because that can happen to anyone.  But if you healthy and still fail theirs no excuses lol

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15 hours ago, falconsd56 said:

Houston was a good corner....he just had insanely terrible ball skills.

There are a few that come to mind.

Chris Calloway was terrible as Tony Martin's replacement


Tony Graziani,Doug Johnson, & Danny Kannell are all bids to be among the worst.

The collective suck of the 96 draft class is hard to top.

You watch your mouth sir.

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Shout out to Steve Deberg who I'm pretty sure was Methuselah's high school teammate but somehow or another convinced Stan Reeves to be the backup quarterback in 1998 

Luckily Chandler did something that he rarely did and stay healthy because had Deberg got any extended PT then the Falcons would have been in a world of hurt

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