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Response to those against trading Ryan

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7 minutes ago, the baptist said:

When the Falcons lose....Does Matt Ryan Lose?

The original argument is flawed and that was proven again today, Yes.....Yes...Finally.....I was the one that brought up Superbowls, I am proud to say that....the hypothetical you speak of was brought about by your implied belief

Did you not state" Patriots D caused this many turnovers....Tom Brady didn't lead" ? But the result is the same, somehow with a "poor performance" from Brady they won

Matt Ryan time and time again has showed you, that even when the defense comes to play, he AND HIS TEAM will find a way to lose, that is factual, that is reality, "quantifiable" or not, it has already happened, this includes the Dallas game does it not?

As I recall a rebuttal was made, to this "fictional scenario" that is "not quantifiable". Why deliver a rebuttal if it was not based in truth or if it was "not quantifiable" to begin with? 

This narrative that keeps changing is puzzling to me...Wins>Losses, Superbowls>Stats, Matt Ryan<Tom Brady.....Still the same on my side


A group of players is called a TEAM. When a TEAM loses, every single player and coach on that TEAM loses. Hence why this is a TEAM sport. And why wins/losses are a TEAM stat  lmfao

You stated that Brady led the Patriots to victory in every single Super Bowl they went to. I provided an example where that wasn’t true. Thereby disproving your assertion. Another narrative change by you. I’m starting to lose count lol.

The FALCONS have shown time and time again that they can grab defeat from the jaws of victory. No one player takes sole responsibility for wins, or losses. Again, this is a TEAM sport.

I rebuked YOUR fictional scenario several times. And you change the narrative every single time lol.

You’ve set up so many strawman arguments, you lost track of them. Lol

And you still haven’t answered my simple question. Why? Because it destroys your narrative. 

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20 hours ago, the baptist said:

I don't have to prove it.......It already happened

If's and but's and almost and would have and maybe and might of, and all of the other excuses don't count.....When it has already happened

Again I say.....Excuses.....Results.....Which one counts?

You and Vandy keep getting things confused, A QB Rating does not count as a win.....

Ahh, you're one of those.  Ok.  Let's ignore the fact that Rodgers, Peyton, and Brady did not win Super Bowls without above average defenses.  Let's ignore that it takes a great TEAM to win a championship.  Let's ignore the fact that SB's have been won by very mediocre QB's (Eli?).  Let's ignore the fact that a QB can only do so much and football is the ultimate team sport.

Even in individual sports, it STILL takes a TEAM to win a championship.  Do you really think a racecar driver can win without a great pit crew, a well-tuned car, and all of the other factors that help him lead the team to victory?  Do you think Tiger Woods would be what he was without others supporting him, great strength and conditioning, swing mechanics, endurance, diet, etc...?  Do you think Jordan would have been Jordan without Pippen, Grant, Rodman, and some of the other contributors to those 6 championship teams?  The greatest NBA teams all had multiple good/great players on them, not just 1, and that's with only 5 players on the court, let alone 22 on offense and defense.  Yet you think a QB should be able to win a Super Bowl without the support of an above average defense.  The QB is the ultimate excuse.  

The reality is, you are the one making the excuse.  Ryan is your excuse for this ENTIRE TEAM failing. The only way to improve anything in life is by being honest about where your weaknesses are so that you can work on continuing to improve in those areas.  If you keep expecting one player at one position to carry an entire team, you will never create a great team.  I want a competitive team whether Ryan is the QB or not, and the only way to achieve that is by addressing our biggest weaknesses.  Julio and Ryan are not our weaknesses.  

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17 hours ago, schwarzenegger321 said:

This is absolutely not true and has been refuted dozens of times.  If we trade Ryan after the season, he will only cost us 3 million more than his cap hit next year.  Yes, that is three Million more; however, the OP is correct.  Ryan is not the problem, but he is not going to help this team without a defense and an Oline that can block.  We cannot fix those problems next year because the cap is going down and we have limited draft picks.  The most logical solution is to trade Ryan while we can still get something for him (maybe a 1st and 3rd pick to the right team) eat his cap (the other team will only pay his base salary).  Draft his replacement and implement an offensive and defensive scheme that actually work in the 21st century.  If we don't, we go into next year with no new help because of the reduced cap, a defense that will be bad no matter what, an Oline that can't block and trying to implement a new offensive strategy with incorrect players.  Oh, and Ryan will be a year older and take another beating because of the bad defense and Oline that can't block.

No no no we’re just one free safety away from a SB caliber roster!

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