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2 hours ago, Atl Falcon said:

Absolutely and hated he wasn’t there. I’m sure his head is spinning in disbelief wondering if he really was the problem.

i wish he and TD both the best of luck in finding a job that’s leads to success. 

In a way you gotta feel bad for him. He probably felt some type of way when they won. Especially the way that they won, against a team he never beat when he was here.

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8 hours ago, FalconinPA said:

Yes, I bet he is still scratching his head wondering how we had a 20-0 lead at halftime and didn't blow it. He was probably waiting for the third quarter collapse. 

Yeah it has been horrible to watch for the last couple of years. It was good to see them come out with a lead and go down field to keep them honest.

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I'm always amazed when a coach with a coach ot gm gets fired like that and the team goes out and wins the following week. just tells me it was all the players and not the coaches. motivation, execution all that stuff that David Quinn was telling us

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