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Trade Matt and Julio

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6 minutes ago, JohnnyFranchise said:

Yup. I've said in a few other threads that no head coach or OC would want to walk into a situation where his only option is an unproven rookie qb, no matter how much potential that rookie qb might have.

Good point. The idea of a new regime wanting greater risk for no actual immediate gain; while avoiding benefits of having him to start their era and be there for a new QB?

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3 hours ago, Ergo Proxy said:

I still don’t get why people completely assume a new regime sees no benefits to keeping Matt; including a scenario of when the heir is drafted. It’s best for a new guy to get a year under Ryan at minimum. And makes more cap sense given the dire circumstances there.

Exactly. John Elway was 35 years old when Mike Shanahan took the Broncos job. His first move wasn't to dump Elway. He saw that Elway was still a really good player. He gave Elway something Elway desperately needed, an elite running game and defense so Elway didn't have to go out and throw it 500 times a season and try to win shootouts. Matt Ryan is still a really good QB and he needs to have some help.

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7 hours ago, Vandy said:

Versus some wet behind-the-ears rookie who may or may be successful one day, and not survive on a team strapped financially? Does anyone seriously believe we can “win the big one” anytime soon under that scenario?

To me, the only rational way to look at it is the dead cap is sunk cost, whether you keep Ryan or not....much of which was earned previously but pushed back into the future in order to sign vets.

so, do you pay a still a Top 10-15 QB $23 M next year? $16M in 2022? 

I know what I would do... 

Our best option is to make all of Ryans bonuses guaranteed salary and treade him asap.. If he still has any value to him at all (or as much as some fans believe) a team should bite on it.. But if no team takes the bate we actually dont lose much more.. Just the best way i can see ditching Ryan 

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