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T.I. wants Matt Ryan gone from the Falcons

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Who? and why should his opinion matter?

I think we should start looking for Matt Ryan's replacement now. But the way everyone is just bashing the guy right now is very unfair. I have often criticized Ryan over the years, but he has been a c

We just going to do everything some rando clown wants now?  

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10 minutes ago, dapanch420 said:

T.i. aint even a real falcons fan, i remember the guy was on first take once and they asked him about the falcons and he just sounded completely clueless about the team.


Nothing's worse than Ludacris on First Take some years ago saying that he was hoping for a Falcons vs Saints SB.


All of us here was like....what???

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Why is everybody tripping? Espn does this all the time with artists and their local teams. Some are real fans who give good insight and some are completely clueless about their sports teams. He falls somewhere in between. I think he's a fan but probably not an astute fan (watch every game/name the backups). Either way, just another opinion. Some of us fans share the same sentiments, some don't. No biggie.

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