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Raheem Morris ongoing philosophy


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7 minutes ago, youngbloodz said:

It doesn’t matter what scheme you run if you can’t get pressure on the QB. There is no scheme that doesn’t have holes

The weird thing is that we have gotten decent amounts of pressure for most of the year  but the play on the back end has hurt us.

The only way that we got pressure on Bridgwater was when we blitzed.

I did see some improvement in terms of communication on the back end so hopefully that continues.

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21 hours ago, *TMo* said:

I have a feeling the Cover Three defense is gone with the Dan Quinn release. I know coach Morris favors the Tampa Two. Will we try and disguise the defenses better? Will we play more man and maybe even press? What will we see on defense this Sunday?

An *** whooping. Dalvin Cook is going to run all over us. 

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The big thing is disguising coverage to keep the QB guessing. I wish we had the personnel to run cover 1 because that can give QB's the biggest fits. I love how the Pats run it with their ability to pass off crossing routes seamlessly. 

The other thing we are missing is instinctive players. Guys like Mathieau who can recognize route combinations and make plays outside of their responsibility. All teams have plays to be any type of coverage and sometimes you need guys to go make a play. It is way too easy to move the ball on us right now.

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