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59 minutes ago, jetpac said:

Stock pile picks?


So we can draft players like..... Oliver.... Terrell.... Beasley?



TD is gone.  Quinn is gone.  If you want to turn the ship around as fast as possible, the best way to do it is to fill up the stockade. Someone will be willing to trade the farm for Lawrence. If we fall that far, and were to make the trade, we would likely pull in two 1st round picks and one or two 2nd round picks. (perhaps more) If you want to rebuild, that's how you do it.

If you don't trust the new GM with that kind of draft capital, then you might as well throw in the towel right now. 

Though Matt may not be everyone's favorite QB, he can get the job done for several more years. Also, his cap hit makes it impossible to trade him for a couple of seasons. You could use any of those acquired picks to draft Matt's replacement. If we draft Matt's replacement, they're not going to be as good as Lawrence, but they'll get to learn under one of the best QB's of the past decade, and there won't be a big rush to get them on the field immediately.

And if we were to draft Lawrence, Matt and Julio's contracts make it impossible to build a team around him. It has been made clear as day that even if you have a QB that performs at a top level, they simply can't carry the rest of the team to a Superbowl win. You need a TEAM.

One thing that this team has really sucked at is taking advantage of value. If we had, we would have traded Julio when Julio held out for more money. At that point, Julio had tons of value, and we could have used that value to acquire a defense. Ryan never actually needed Julio, what he needed was a defense. Defense has been the problem in all but one year since Ryan has been here.

So, while Lawrence might be the best QB ever, by drafting him, we pretty much ensure that he won't have the team that he needs in order to be successful. Seems like a very Falcons thing to do.

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2 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

Well, um, we appreciate the sentiments Raheem. But, you ain’t ever gonna hide that adopted redhead Dirk Koetter!

I would have so much more respect for Raheem if he fired Koetter. I really hope we see some major changes to the offense in the coming weeks. The current schemes hurt my eyes to watch. They're so clumsy and are obviously trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

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1 minute ago, Ergo Proxy said:

Take it up with the Athletic. Don’t spew your rage at me dude.

Read the thread. I’m sharing the writer and his defense of his story when twitter account pushed him on it:


Explain to me how you can hire someone you aren’t allowed to talk to? How could the Falcons hire him. Elway wouldn’t let him talk to us so it doesn’t matter if he was slapping his own *** at the thought of being here Elway had control and he didn’t want him here.

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