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Why you cant run the Falcons like Home Depot

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First off Home Depot was a great concept. Fortune 500 company, and I have been on this page several times talking about I met Art Blank when he opened the first Home Depot in an old Treasure Island store on Memorial Drive Right across from the Dekalb county jail. I want to preferrace this by saying I have the utmost respect for Arthur Blank and what he has done for the city of Atlanta. The last family that owned the Falcons were a bunch of goofs and YES Blank has brought credibility to the organization. With that being said I fast forward 30 years and look at Home Depot Corporate. I have several friends who work for Home Depot Corporate over in Smyrna and they tell me it is top heavy with 30 managers to every 1 employee, with no one knowing what their true job is and meetings being called just to have meetings. I think when I look at the Falcons organization I see the same LAYERED problems. When problems arise Blank fixes the problem by hiring people to help people. I think the dude has a big heart and does not like to get rid of people BUT this is the NFL not Home Depot. A corporate employee is not the same as a NFL employee. A NFL employee will not work for someone they dont respect. The NFL environment is very competitive and people dont like dead weight in their way. In a true NFL environment there is a SENSE OF URGENCY TO WIN AT ALL COST. What has made New England so good for so long? Bill Belichick makes no friends, he is win at all cost. He leaves emotion out of business decisions and hires and fires who he needs to win TODAY. This is where we have and are still failing as a franchise. We STILL have people in front office that may be great people but THEY HAVE NOT PRODUCED AND NEED TO GO. So I hope Blank sees this and does what he needs to do. Fire McKay and all front office staff. We need a MODERN DAY GM making ALL the decisions with BLANK on coaches and personnel. McKay was successful 30 years ago and the NFL has changed. It is time we change with it. 

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