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*** Official Panthers Vs Falcons In-game Thread ***


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Just now, zekeyboy1 said:

How do people defend Matt Ryan? Horrible!!

This is just a very poorly designed and executed offence. Mahomes would look like crap with DK’s scheme and play calls. No play action, no motion against and inexperienced and aggressive defence. Awful. I really hope that Koetter gets pink slipped with Quinn. His offence is unwatchable. 

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Just now, jlrfalcon said:

Hurst is not a problem but there just doesn't seem to be that connection that Hooper (and Tony before him) had where they would just know certain passes would come a certain way.

Ryan would have thrown to an empty space if he just had that confidence Hurst would always go to that empty space.

May be or may be not, but problem is there is short window to make that throw. Once the blitz disrupted the timing its gone.

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1 minute ago, uk falcs fan said:

I’ve never thought Matt Ryan is the problem, scheme and play calling is horrible.

But he doesn’t look himself, feels a bit defeated to me. Can’t really blame him, just hard watching the best player in franchise history wing wasted and slowly declining under a poor OC and awful HC

hes effin getting paid 30mill per year.

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