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2020-21 MLB Off-Season Thread

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6 minutes ago, CrimsonFalcon said:

Not Sammy or Torii?

Mine would be Bonds,  Buehrle, Clemens,  Helton,  Hunter,  Jones,  Manny,  Schilling, Sheffield,  Sosa, and Wags. Vizquel is borderlin. 

Not on this go around. There's only so many votes to go around and they missed the cut for me this time. You've also got 11 guys listed on your votes.

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After missing last season battling colon cancer, Trey Mancini has reported to O's camp and intends to play a full season. 

I'm all for chaining Mookie to the ground next time we play.

Baseball really needs a salary cap and salary floor.

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Just now, AUTiger7222 said:

That sucks!!! I don't know how that is even remotely fair to the rest of MLB that because Cano is an idiot the Mets don't have to pay that money.

We can take solace in the fact that they still owe him $48m over the next two seasons, although I'd imagine they may find some way to kick that down the road if they release him.

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3 minutes ago, brdu4 said:

I guess they just got a few extra dollars to go after J.T. 

Yeah. They are still well below the luxury tax threshold though with only a handful of long-term deals on their books. Unfortunately they now have a seemingly competent owner, so they could be the biggest threat in the division soon.

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