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2020-21 MLB Off-Season Thread

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Baseball really needs a salary cap and salary floor.

After missing last season battling colon cancer, Trey Mancini has reported to O's camp and intends to play a full season. 

I'm all for chaining Mookie to the ground next time we play.

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2 hours ago, Unknøwn said:

Yep, La Russa hasnt coached in 9 years. What he has done hasn't exactly been successful. That terrible stint as president of baseball operations for the Dbacks and then advisor to the GM for the Angels.

We should all thank him for giving Braves Dansby and Ender for what has amounted to a sack of peanuts.

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4 hours ago, Unknøwn said:

Hall of Fame committee isn't too happy about La Russa returning either. One voting member called it disturbing because they thought his body of work was finished. 

I don't understand why they would have a problem with it. Is he gonna somehow manage his way out of the HOF? That makes no sense because IMO once you're a HOF player/coach/executive you can't lose that. It's why I believe that guys like Bonds and Clemens deserve to be in. It's why I believe AJ25 should be in. I've heard stupid arguments against AJ25 where they said he doesn't belong in because "he ended his career on a bad note." I'm just like WTH? But he was a HOF player before that. Just because his career ended badly doesn't mean he can lose HOF status.

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3 hours ago, Unknøwn said:

Rays declined the option on Charlie Morton. He reportedly has decided to play next year. 

I'll be surprised if he leaves the Rays. He really likes it there. But if he's interested in playing somewhere else then AA needs to scoop in!! Would be pretty cool to see Morton's career come back full circle.

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23 hours ago, Unknøwn said:

Some speculation that the league may look for a temporary 1 or 2 year extension of the current CBA. Give the league a chance to operate normally and get by the covid era. Things like the DH could be addressed in the extension 

Good idea, but I don't see the union going for it.

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