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2020-21 MLB Off-Season Thread

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Baseball really needs a salary cap and salary floor.

After missing last season battling colon cancer, Trey Mancini has reported to O's camp and intends to play a full season. 

I'm all for chaining Mookie to the ground next time we play.

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24 minutes ago, ATL Fan in the DMV said:

For extra innings, I'd like the runner to automatically be placed on 1st to begin the inning much better than 2nd if they are dead set on a runner starting the inning on base. 

I was surprised to say I kind of enjoyed both that and the 7 inning games. I didnt think I would like either but I enjoyed not sitting through 18 inning games or two 3 to 4 hour games. 

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6 hours ago, Unknøwn said:

MLB will proceed on schedule. Spring camps begin the 17th and Opening Day will be April 1.

As of now its 162 games, normal schedule, no DH, 3 division winners and 2 WC teams, no WC round. The 7 inning doublheaders and runner on 2B for extras will be in effect for 2021 and probably beyond. Rosters are 26 except for doubleheaders itll be 27. Negotiations continue for the DH and playoffs.

I don't understand the ownership being so stubborn that they won't add DH until MLBPA agrees to expanded playoffs. It makes not one lick of sense to me when DH is so much better for the game than watching the majority of pitchers pull a Folty. Each team has maybe (MAYBE) one pitcher that can routinely put the ball in play with the bat and is a treat to get a hit. For the Braves it's Max Fried. Everyone else is up there pulling a Folty. It's horrible to watch. No one likes seeing it.

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1 hour ago, Unknøwn said:

I was surprised to say I kind of enjoyed both that and the 7 inning games. I didnt think I would like either but I enjoyed not sitting through 18 inning games or two 3 to 4 hour games. 

I completely agree. I hated it with a passion when I heard both changes but I actually liked them.

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Andrelton Simmons says he opted out of the final week last season due to depression. Simmons said he was struggling with suicidal thoughts. 


Simmons shared his story to the publication through writing because, "it is still difficult to articulate certain things or be open."

"It was tough for me mentally to where the thought of suicide crossed my mind," Simmons wrote. "It was something I vowed a long time ago I would never consider again. I was fortunate to talk to a therapist, which helped me let go of those thoughts. At the end when a lot of people were still going through what most would think of as tough times, the idea of finishing the season in a bubble was too much for me to handle."

"Now seeing how more and more people are struggling with depression, anxiety and suicide I felt it might be time to share a little piece of my story," he wrote. "I was afraid of people judging and people twisting my story."

What exacerbated his depression was not being able to escape thoughts of what was happening outside of the world of baseball. Simmons described driving through Oakland and seeing homeless people on the street next to struggling businesses. It all came to a head for him when the Angels were planning to enter a bubble for the final week of the season in hopes to prevent the virus from affecting the postseason.

"I was really saddened by how much I was hearing about the death toll, and seeing how smaller businesses were going out of business and I was a little depressed at how the effects of all the new rules and fears were gonna affect people's livelihoods and how disconnected people were becoming," he wrote.

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