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NLCS: Dodgers vs Braves


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7 minutes ago, jidady said:

If you'd asked me whether Bernard Gilkey had ever played for the Braves, I would have lost that bet. I have NO memory of that.


5 minutes ago, Unknøwn said:

I thought the same thing. I actually looked it up to see if that was a mistake. 

I remember him playing for the Braves. Ken Caminiti also played for the Braves in 2001.

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2 minutes ago, Unknøwn said:

Braves lost 3-2 to Randy Johnson that day. Julio Franco knocked in both runs including a HR off the Big Unit. Glavine only allowed 1 ER but an error by Giles that led to 2 runs cost the Braves the game and the season.

Game 1 of that game is on YouTube. Randy Johnson out dueled Greg Maddux in a 2-0 Diamondbacks win. It was one of the very few good games Maddux ever pitched in Arizona. He hated pitching there and called it an airport. LOL!

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3 hours ago, VTCrunkler said:

Guys make a case for Malachore if you want him back 

He’s my brother from another. We message each other privately. I understand his brain and outbursts and I know his heart and it’s never really personal and he has regrets like me. He has messaged me privately when I’m on a bender (which has not happened in awhile) and talks me off the ledge so I won’t get a deserved timeout. I’ve done the same for him, but I’m noticeably not around as much. I’m 10 years older and my responsibilities to my family are taking more of my time. Point being, maybe I could have returned the favor. He’s a good guy, a good friend, and he’s one of us. Family. 

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