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Dan Quinn’s job status has not been discussed by Falcons - AJC

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6 hours ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

Right? It's weird how the leaders on this team are so unbelievably loyal to the HC. Even Smitty, you could tell Ryan, Roddy, and Julio all were 100% behind him 

Smitty had a better , more consistent track record than Quinn. He led the best 5 year stretch in our history before having two bad years. Smitty started having health problems, was encumbered by an “explosive” mindset forced on him which led to mortgaging future draft picks to get Julio, which led to a talent shortage (Peter Konz, anyone?). Smitty did have the NFCCG meltdown but he was known more for comebacks than meltdowns. 

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And while I appreciate guys like McGary and others defending Quinn.  I'm sorry I don't want to hear it anymore.  At the end of the day this is a business not a circle of best friends.  Wish someone in

oh boy... I can't wait to go on a meaningless late season rally to cost us a top 5-10 pick AGAIN for the 3rd year in a row just for zero of that "momentum" to carry into the next season.

Interesting. I mean I'm all for giving 'your' guys breathing room, but at this point isn't DQ who we think he is. A guy who can lead a team on horrific losing streaks year after year. There's nothing

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6 hours ago, falconsd56 said:


I can understand being annoyed with Quinn but if he can get the team on track...why root against that?

There is zero guarantee  that a new coach would be better.... in fact it will probably be worse...it could be much much worse.




Can we honestly be more humiliated as a franchise??? Dude....we may as well take the opening kickoff w our pants around our ankles as it is.....there is no dignity in this organization rt now!!

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44 minutes ago, kschreck said:

I am typically an optimistic guy and look for the bright side of situations and I have no optimism whatsoever to try to paint this situation with.  This team absolutely sucks.  I’ll be surprised if they hit 6-10.

I have never said this in over 30 years of following this team but I don’t even care if they win at this point because at the end of the day I have 0 confidence that DQ can ever be successful with this group again.  A win only prolongs the agony. Rip the **** bandaid off and get that guy out of Flowery Branch ASAP.

The longer they wait, the more it gives the appearance that mediocrity is not only acceptable but the standard. 




This ^^^^^^

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7 hours ago, athell said:

To the OP it's really not all that surprising.  Blank doesn't fire mid season.  I was wondering if a MNF disaster would be enough, it wasn't, so I honestly don't see it happening until after the season.  We have 12 more weeks of Dan Quinn.

If he is here after those 12 weeks, I'm done.  Refuse to support a franchise who employs perennial losers like Quinn and co.

I need to work for Blank. Im 63 now, I could retire at 67 collect SS and easily work till im 72-73 before I get fired! 😂

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What I keep thinking is “who are we going to bring in that going to be any better?”

is Koetter going to lead this team to wins? **** that bum. I would argue the play calling is the second biggest reason we are loosing behind our defensive scheme.

is Morris? Ulbricht?

there is no one walking through that door this season that has a better chance to win than DQ.

i think there’s 3 points left this season. If we lose to Carolina, a team arguably less talented than us, he might get fired. if he makes it to the bye week, that’s a time to get fired because it gives whoever takes over two weeks to prepare. and if he isn’t fired then, he’s done at the end of the season.

unless we magically make the playoffs, if we do, he will be back next year.

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