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What Other QB's Would You Really Want Over Ryan Now or Next Year?


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Aaron Rodgers was actually a point of interest on draft day after the Packers drafted Jordan Love.  To many, perhaps including Rodgers himself, it seemed to indicate that Green Bay was ready to move on from a washed-up veteran QB.  Of course, 4 games into this season, would anyone question who Green Bay's starter is?

The Bears had Mitchell Trubisky slated as their young starting QB for the future going into this year.  However, they have now turned to old guy Nick Foles as their starter.  He had a great 1/2 game or so against us and a so-so game against the top defense of the Colts.  Will he still be their starter at the end of 2020?

Deshaun Watson was supposed to be a bright young star to lead the Texans to multiple SuperBowls.  Instead, he is staring at a fired HC and and 0-4 record at present and is really not standing out like the young star he is supposed to be.

As for us, Matt Ryan actually had pretty good games against Seattle and Dallas but his performances were overwhelmed by his team's poor defense.  However, against Chicago and Green Bay, he was mediocre, especially without his best receivers fully available.  Hurst has been OK as a tight end but clearly has not been the safety net Hooper was to him and will he ever have a game without being sacked 2-3 times.


My question, though, is this - what QB would you really want over Ryan?

Would you prefer the Falcons have one of the old guys - short-pass Brees or no-touch Brady?  Will they last forever?

You might logically want Mahomes given how well KC is playing but how many other young QB's are out there like him?

Josh Allen might be a hot grab at present but is he just another Carson Wentz that will soon fade away?

Russell Wilson or Rodgers would probably be popular options right now but both of them have had slumps in their careers?

Other options might be Kyler Murray or Prescott or Lamar Jackson or so, but are there really that many you would want above Ryan?


The first pick draft option for Trevor Lawrence might actually be our option, but is he really going to just step in a starting role in the NFL and thrive?  Even the best young QB's have mediocre rookie years and for every great one, at least 2 or 3 probably fail.  And, UGA fans would be uncertain to accept Justin Fields as our new QB. 

In the past, Flacco was supposed to be Ryan's equal but has faded away.  Ryan was also compared a lot to Stafford, but the latter is facing similar struggles this year.  Ryan was compared to Cam Newton for years, but Carolina dumped their "treasure" and then subsequently now see him on a COVID list in New England.


Simply, as much as many fans in Atlanta are ready to just dump Ryan after a couple of bad games where he has been only part of the problem and where he has not had his full corps (much less a good OC), he is still far above average of what we could definitively replace him with and this team has many other needs where an upgrade would provide more benefit.


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16 minutes ago, theDIRTYcode said:

If we draft top 2, you take either Lawrence or Fields and let them sit for a year. 

Outside of that, you take the best defensive player and roll with Ryan until an opportunity presents itself.



Lance didn't look so hot as a passer during his only game this college season. He may need to sit for a season or two.


My biggest take away was that he looks really fast for his size and he's a bigger guy than I thought. He didn't look 6'4 almost 230 lbs last season to me.

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37 minutes ago, HEIST said:

Fields/Lawrence/Lance, we will suck next year with or without Ryan but at least the transition will be smooth.

Keep Matt for next year to groom the replacement we WILL be picking too 10 for sure maybe even top 5 we have to draft a QB it’s time Matt looked washed yesterday 

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1 minute ago, Skeetbird said:

I  mean, do yall really think Ryan is going anywhere?  Sure I mean lets start thinking about drafting a replacement. But, Ryan aint going anywhere.




As he shouldn't. Ryan is the model of consistency. Get a defense, and this is all a non-issue.


We don't even need many new defensive studs. Just a couple of decent CBs and a Safety not named Kazee, and get rid of the BS cover 3, and we're good.

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I would take Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields over a 36-year-old Ryan. Lance I don't know much about but he seems intriguing... he may also need a lot of work. You can't move Ryan next year ($50 million dead cap hit) but you can in 2022 ($26 million dead cap hit but save $15-16 million on the cap overall if Ryan isn't on the roster, I believe even more savings if he's a post June 1 cut in 2022).


I love Matt Ryan and he's the best QB this franchise has ever had but at the same time he doesn't have elite arm strength, he was missing so many throws last night and in the 4th quarter of the Bears and Cowboys games. He needs Kyle Shanahan to look elite, without him and under Koetter, he looks pretty average. 



Look at the 6 QB's leading the league in QB rating right now. They're all athletic with big time arms. That's what the future NFL franchises need.

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Ryan is neither the main problem nor the solution, but given his cap hit you have to keep him for two seasons.  I would take many QBs over Ryan not necessarily because of talent gap, but because they seem to be ultra competitive and have good football minds.

That play last night when Ryan gets GB offsides and then does not take advantage of it symbolized what Matt is currently in his career. Just an ok QB.

Also as a vet, does he have any contribution to the game plan? I remember last year when we faced the Steelers, everyone knew they would blitz all day but apparently not the falcons. Yes, it's the coaches fault, but as a vet QB with a bad OL, you should be able to say something. Look at the tussle going on between Rodgers and his head coach.It makes the team better by keeping coaches on their toes. But Mat doesn't seem made that way.

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10 minutes ago, Snafu said:

For Sure's: Wilson, Mahomes, Allen, Watson, Rodgers, Burrow

Maybe: Tua, Herbert, Murray, Prescott, Jackson, Lawrence, Fields



Still too early on Allen. Carson Wentz was looking all-worldly as well around the same point in his career. Hasn't met that same level since.


It's definitely too early for Burrow.

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By the time we rebuild the defense (at BEST it takes 1 season) Ryan will be 37 in 2022. That means you’ve given yourself a likely one time shot at a SB with a quality QB (unless you think Ryan can age like Brady/Brees, the only 2 to age that well by the time they were 40) 

Very possible it takes 2-3+ years to fix the team, by then Ryan is likely cooked. If we get the top pick in the draft, you gotta draft the guy if you think he’s a franchise QB while you have the chance. Otherwise you hover around in QB mediocrity for years upon years without ever having a real shot at the SB nor a shot at picking #1 in the draft again 

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1 hour ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

If we can’t get Fields, Lawrence or Lance, Zack Wilson is really looking like a stud.  More TD’s than incompletions heading into Week 4


I like where your head is. I'm fine taking a QB in the 2nd or 3rd if the right one is available. Kyle Trask is having a good year as well. 

If we get the number 1 overall pick, I think we have to trade it. Someone would be willing to pay a fortune for Lawrence I'm sure. Collect picks. If we could trade back and get someone like Lance, Trask, or Wilson later and get a fortune for the number 1 pick, I'm all for it. 

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