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Falcons need to go Offensive minded coach with next hire.

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San Fran, GB, KC, New Orleans, LA Rams, TB, Philly- All have Offensive Minded Head Coaches. 

We need to hire Eric Bienemy from KC or Kellen Moore from Dallas or Lane Kiffin from Ole Miss. The NFL of 2020 is not the NFL of 2010. The game is a spread game set up to benefit the passing game.  Mobile QB is a plus. This is why you are seeing shut down corners getting paid. Emphasis on fast LBs and secondary are priority.  Falcons whole Safety crew is hurt and their CBs are garbage. You would figure with TD being a former D3 CB that he could do a better job evaluating the CB position but he hasnt. Isiah Oliver was his boy and Isiah Oliver blows ***. Falcons LBs are 2nd tier talent. We have spent so much money and time on d-line that the back end of the defense is not good.  Quinn is a d-line coach. But the sad part is even after all the money, draft picks, and pick ups, the only good d-linemen we have are G Jarrett and maybe Marlon Davidson. Fowler Jr is a has been. 

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I have a lesser known guy I like:   Aaron Kromer

No Nonsense, OL guru who knows the division.  Fiery guy!

Kromer began his NFL coaching career in 2001 with the Oakland Raiders. In 2003, he helped lead the Raiders to an AFC championship and to Super Bowl XXXVII. Kromer was hired by the New Orleans Saints in 2008 as the running backs coach, before becoming the offensive line coach the following season. Under his tenure as OL coach, the Saints sent five players to a combined nine Pro Bowls, and tied for the fewest sacks in the league with 96.[1] Under Kromer, the Saints line twice won the Madden Most Valuable Protectors Award as the best offensive line in the league (in 2009 and 2011).[2] The Saints won Super Bowl XLIV with Kromer. He filled in as the Saints' interim head coach for the first six games of the 2012 NFL season as Joe Vitt and Sean Payton served their suspensions for "BountyGate".[3] The Saints went 2-4 during that season-opening stretch, losing each of their first four games by eight points or less.

On January 16, 2013, Kromer was announced as the new offensive coordinator and offensive line coach for the Chicago Bears. He joined Marc Trestman's initial coaching staff, after working with Trestman in Oakland.[4] In his first year, the Bears offense had the second-best scoring offense in the league with 445 points, behind the Denver Broncos, while finishing fifth with 4281 passing yards.[5] The offense also broke team records in total yards (6,109), passing yards (4,450), passing touchdowns (32) and first downs (344).[6] On February 12, 2014, offensive line assistant Pat Meyer was named offensive line coach while Kromer, who served as offensive coordinator and line coach in 2013, remained the offensive coordinator and continued to be involved in all aspects of the offense, including the line with an increased role with the passing game.[7]

On January 17, 2015, the Buffalo Bills reached a two-year deal with Kromer to be the team's new offensive line coach.[8] He was later suspended for 6 games by the Buffalo Bills from an incident in which he was accused of striking a group of minors who were caught committing theft of property and vandalism. Two weeks later all charges were dropped against Kromer.[9]

On January 30, 2018, Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay promoted him to run game coordinator, after Matt LaFleur left to become the offensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans. In order to help fill the void, McVay also named tight ends coach Shane Waldron the pass game coordinator. In 2019 Kromer helped coach the Rams to an NFC Championship and to Super Bowl LIII.

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What does it matter if a head coach is offense, defense, special teams, or a former hockey player? 

The job is HEAD coach, and anyone worth a crap will be able to put together a staff who will thus tie all phases of the game together.  

I think your coordinators are just as vital as the head coach.  Probably more so when it's game day. 

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