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*** Official Falcons Vs Packers In-Game Thread ***


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1 minute ago, Bridgeburner said:

I mean we had a progressive offensive genius create this “Shanahan” offense and we brought in the straightest edged old school piece of **** OC we could.

when we rehired him my thought was “that had to be Ryan’s influence, they had to have asked him who he wanted after Sark and he must have asked for Koetter” but I can’t believe Ryan would have wanted this ******** one Dimensional slow offense.

i really believe that it blank who wanted him back

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1 minute ago, NCFalconfan said:

20 players hurt, defense can't stop anyone, GB at mid field, and Quinn calls a timeout.

I rest my case. Fire this idiot. Lowest football IQ I've ever seen by a coach at any level. I'll eat my hat if Quinn ever coaches again in the NFL.

Quinn won't even be an assistant ever again. 

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